Custom Printing

We can print your logo, text or picture anywhere on your marquee, walls, banner, flags, inflatables and more.

We understand that each customer has unique requirements; this is why we have adopted a flexible, budget-friendly and customer-focused approach:

  • We can print as little or as much of the surface area, according to your needs
  • There is no limitation in the amount of colours that can be used
  • Total coverage is not a problem
  • We will gladly create an artwork proof to ensure that your printing will match your expectations
  • We do not begin production until you are satisfied with and have approved the look of your job

Marquee Printing

You can print on as much or as little of your Marquee as you wish.

Each Marquee roof has four valance panels and four roof panels.  You may print on all of them or just one or any other combination.

You can also print on walls (full walls or half walls) on one side or both sides

marquee printing options

Setting up your artwork

You can prepare your own artwork for printing or we can help you do it.

Step 1.  Decide which surfaces you want to print on

Who will be seeing your printing?  How do you maximise exposure?  Do you want double sided printing or single sided?

Step 2.   Gather your images

You may want a logo printed, text or a photo or combination of all of these.

We accept the following format files:

EPS / AI / TIFF / PSD / High-Resolution PDF

We cannot print small resolution image files such as JPG / PNG / GIF or any image saved in incorrect formats

Step 3.  Prepare the proof

You can prepare the artwork or we can do it for you.   If you are going to prepare your own artwork, please contact us and we will provide you with the relevant templates for you to use.

Step 4.  Approve artwork

Before commencing production we require written approval of your artwork.  We make every effort to get things right, however it is crucial you take the time to go over the proofs and ensure they meet your exact specifications.  Find someone else to cast an eye over the work as well.

some of our work:

Check out our Gallery page to see more awesome marquees!